Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rochelle Babb, Designer Bags

Rochell is a young designer who lives in Queens Park, West London with her young daughter and family. She intends to create two handmade bag collections one for each season of the year. So this will be one collection for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter. Both collections will have a minimum of 6 pieces and will be offered in three or four colour ways. Each collection will change the following year.

Wedding/Bridal bespoke service, where the client will have a one 2 one consultation to help with ideas and the design of the piece they would want to be produced for the special day.
The products will range from different shaped bags such as a Tote shoulder bag, clutch bag and a shopper. Accessories will include two different types of purses. When the business starts to grow Rochelle will add more accessories such as key rings, bracelets and ipod / iphone cases. All products will be made in leather and lined with cotton or satin.
Since coming along to the enterprise centre Rochelle now has a strong business plan and is looking forward to starting her own business.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

J.C. Mini Bus Service

J.C. Mini Bus Service provides transportation for children and adults to and from school/sporting events/trips after school activities, etc. There is also the opportunity for private work, when the school year is out of session.

Jean Crawford first registered with the Enterprise Centre back in 2009. She is a mother living in Queens Park North Westminster and at the time of coming along to use the services at the Westminster Neighbourhood Enterprise Centre, driving a Mini Bus for another private firm. After creating a business plan and receiving business coaching from the business support officer here at the centre, Jean sought a loan and was able to put this money towards a Mini Bus of her own.

Jean is now self-employed and looking forward to the future.

Vevian Handmade in London

Handmade in London
Babies Shoes: Newborn to 2 years

The vision of Vevian entails a high-end market handmade baby's shoe. The shoes will be made of high quality leather for upper, lining and sole. The styles will consist of classic, modern and trendy designs and the colours used will be those that have not previously been seen in baby shoe collections.  

When looking at the shoes the customer will know that they are locally made and not mass-produced, unique and will forever be unique.

Vivienne Lopez lives in Maida Vale with her young family, since coming along to the enterprise centre she has completed a strong business plan and will be launching her new business shortly.