Monday, 16 March 2009

Zumba Sandra website

Turning Passion into business

Sandra DaCosta, 36 started learning Zumba less than a year ago and already she's running classes locally, with a little help from the Enterprise Centre.
Zumba is a form of Latin dance-fitness, using a variety of styles including memengue, reggaeton. salso and cumbia. It's suitable for everyone - Sandra does classes at pre-schools and has a friend who runs a class for over 50's - it's fun and it keeps you fit.
Although she always loved dance, Sandra needed some support to turn her passion into a business. She met Aparna and Kim at the monthly community market at the Enterprise Centre, and they encouraged her to move forward with her ideas.
Kim helped Sandra set up a website and design a flyer and Aparna helped her to put together a business plan. They meet regularly and the support has boosted Sandra's confidence and made her more proactive.
The future is bright for Sandra - she sees a big market for Zumba and she wants to reach more people and take more classes.
Sandra's Zumba classes are at the Porchester Sports Centre West London on Wed 10 - 11am or Friday 7-8pm
and Academy Sport West London on Fri 4.30 -5.30pm (for adults and 7-12 yr-olds).
contact Sandra on 07732011963 or


  1. I think that this class is great and i enjoy it.........even if she isc my mum :-)

    Shaneia DaCosta-Hyman age 8

  2. It is a FUN & ENJOYABLE class,that also keeps you Fit & Healthy. I Love It..............and with my mum being the teacher. I have told my friends & teachers too in school :-)

    Nathania DaCosta-Hyman age 12

  3. I first heard about Zumba in the Paddington People's magazine and after a couple of emails to Sandra i braved it and went to her Fri eve class at Porchester Sports Centre.

    Being obviously terrified Sandra who recognised me as my son was in her brother's class in primary school put me completely at ease.

    And her teaching style inspired me as for the first time i found that the class was about the energy of moving to some amazing beats and melodies at YOUR OWN ability, not about looking lucious in lycra or checking you are doing as well as the person next to you in class.

    I wish more people knew about this class and would just give it ONE visit, as the classes speak for themselves.

    Hoping Sandra continues to Zumba for our benefit for many, many years to come.

    Maureen Reeves.

  4. This class is great and everyone enjoys it. If you come to the classes you will just want to go again. In tis class you can have loads of fun but still keep fit. It's just the best dance club ever! Come to the dance class and you'll never regret it. IT'S THE BEST!!!!!

  5. Zumba is just the best dance class you can find. It keeps you fit and you can have loads of fun. Just continue the good work Sandra and just to let you know many people love it. Especially me!!
    Milica Lukic 13

  6. Zumba is great. It allows you to have fun and also keep fit.........Zumba is the best dance class you can ever find. We all hope that Sandra continues to do the great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milica Lukic 13

  7. Hi Sandra,
    I'm looking for Zumba fitness classes near Soho but it seems hard to find gyms where you don't have to be a member to join the class (I'm not interested in joining, just in the Zumba classes ;-). I was hoping maybe you know of any?
    Many thanks!

  8. Could Anonymous get back to me on my email
    Could be setting up a class in Soho. Will look into venues in the next 4 wks. Hope you get this.

    Take care,

  9. Hi Sandra,

    I would like to join your Zumba courses on Friday evening. Is this still possible? How can I subscribe?


  10. Yes, that is also a great idea, turning things that we love into business.

    I really love joining class because I'm gaining two things after those sweats and smiles: these are being physically fit and a real enjoyment than ever! Now there is already a third thing you can get , money! Thanks!

  11. One good deed deserves another.

    Keep on paying forward. Congratulations.

  12. I joined Sandra's Zumba class in April 2010 and its the best thing I could have done. Everyone says that I look really fit and well and I tell them "its the Zumba". Everyone should join Sandra's Zumba class. Its the best form of exercise I've ever experienced.